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Тренер з фітнесу показав, як повинні виглядати ваші порції їжі

Відомий тренер з фітнесу Грем Томлінсон розповів про те, з чого насправді складається "рекомендована порція".

Про це повідомляє Daily Mirror.

Грем пояснив, скільки ви можете з'їсти, якщо будете дотримуватися "рекомендованих порцій".

Наприклад, така порція для сніданку з мюслів становить всього 30 г (132 калорії), вид такої маленької порції може розчарувати.

For years brands insist on directing us towards 'suggested servings' of their food. Unfortunately, whilst such portions which may serve as a feast to a suburban family of beetles , they probably will not satisfy human beings for longer than quarter of an hour . - - Very few people will be able to consume such foods as per these suggested serving allocations . Furthermore, reading minuscule energy values on labels may encourage us to believe the food is low in calories whatever the portion . But assessment of the food per higher denominations of grams (eg 100g) provides us with more relevant information regarding our intake of such foods . - - Though this damning indictment upon suggested servings sizes appears somewhat cynical , if this was an attempt from brands to 'suggest moderation' to their consumer, they would be better placed to realise that we exist in different shapes and sizes with different energy requirements . Thus, this blanket suggestion becomes a useless proposition to most of the population . And exceeding such servings (which is highly likely) may result in guilt. Because consuming a while chocolate bar is okay. It is not excessive. - - Suggested serving sizes concocted by a corporate organization to meet legislation is based on nothing to do with your individual goal . Therefore, adherence to them is not required. Servings of the food you consume should be defined by your own suggestion which is based on your nutritional preferences and goals . - - According to Kellogg's, they believe that 4 mouthfuls of special K serves to suppress hunger. But whilst they (and others) revel in their 'low calorie' labels, back in the real world we know that more special K is required . And that 1769 calories compared to the suggested 691 is a more realistic reflection of our consumption of these foods . 🙂 - - #cereal #countingcalories #portioncontrol #breakfast #specialk #losefat #fatlossjourney #cereals #healthybreakfast #breakfast #snacks #sw #granola #chocolate #diettips #dieting

Публікація від 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧Graeme Tomlinson (@thefitnesschef_)

Грем підкреслює, що вживання, наприклад, всього шоколадного батончика - це нормально. Також він додав, що порції їжі повинні визначатися вашими власними потребами і уподобаннями.

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